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Accessories Matter Too: Elevating Style for Tall Men


In the world of fashion, the spotlight often falls on clothing trends, but one aspect that should never be overlooked is accessories. For tall men, the right accessories can not only complete an outfit but also enhance their overall style. From ties to watches, scarves to socks, the choices are vast.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 accessory picks that can make a significant difference for tall men who want to embrace their height with confidence and style.

Extra Long Ties

Tall men often struggle with standard-sized ties that fall too short. The solution? Extra long ties. These elongated accessories not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure that the tie hangs at the perfect length, complementing the taller frame.

Large Watches

A watch is more than just a timekeeping device; it’s a statement piece. For tall men, opting for watches with larger faces and longer bands is a smart choice. Not only does it draw attention to the wrist, but it also creates a balanced and proportional look.

Long Scarves

Scarves are versatile accessories that can add flair to any outfit. Tall men, however, should look for longer scarves to avoid the awkwardness of a too-short drape. A well-chosen, extended scarf can add a layer of sophistication while keeping you warm.

Big and Tall Belts

The struggle to find the right belt size is real for many tall individuals. Enter big and tall belts – designed with longer straps to accommodate a larger waist. These belts not only serve their functional purpose but also contribute to a polished and put-together appearance.

Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory, and for tall men, oversized frames can be a game-changer. Not only do they provide adequate sun protection, but they also add a touch of mystery and style to your overall look.

Long Socks

Tall men often find it challenging to source socks that don’t look too short when worn. The solution lies in long socks that provide the right coverage without appearing disproportionate. It’s a subtle detail that can make a significant impact.

Extended Length T-Shirts

For tall men, finding a t-shirt that fits properly can be a frustrating task. Regular t-shirts tend to ride up, leaving a less-than-flattering gap between the waistband and shirt hem. But fear not, because extended-length t-shirts are here to save the day!

Designed with a taller frame in mind, these shirts provide the extra coverage needed without sacrificing style. Perfect for wearing both alone or layered, men’s tall shirts are a wardrobe staple that should not be overlooked.

XL Hats

Hats add a touch of flair to any outfit, but finding the right fit can be tricky for tall men. Opting for XL hats ensures that the circumference accommodates a taller head comfortably. From fedoras to baseball caps, the right hat can elevate your style effortlessly.

Big and Tall Gloves

Cold weather accessories are essential, and gloves are no exception. For tall men, finding gloves that fit well can be a challenge. Look for big and tall gloves that cater to larger hands, ensuring both comfort and style during the colder months.

Tall-sized Bags

Whether it’s a backpack for daily use or a messenger bag for a more polished look, tall men should consider opting for bags designed with extra length and height. These bags not only provide practicality but also contribute to a well-proportioned and stylish ensemble.


In the world of fashion, the devil is in the details, and accessories play a crucial role in elevating any outfit. For tall men, the key is to find accessories that complement their frame, creating a well-balanced and polished look. From extra-long ties to tall-sized bags, each accessory serves a purpose beyond aesthetics – it enhances confidence and allows tall men to embrace their stature with style.

So, the next time you’re putting together an outfit, remember that accessories matter too, and for tall men, they can make all the difference.

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