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The Ultimate 5 Step Beginners Guide To Directing Traffic To Your Blog


Directing traffic to your blog is one of the biggest challenges for new bloggers. SEO (the act of optimizing your content to increase visibility on Google.) is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog but the truth is that in the short term you probably won’t see a significant change doing SEO.

This is why I created this beginner’s guide to directing traffic to your blog without ranking on Google. In this guide, you’ll find all the steps needed to get traffic even if you have a brand new website.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you can direct traffic to your website even if it’s brand new.

1. Create High-Quality Content that can bring in traffic

No matter what method you use to get traffic to your website without ranking on Google quality content will always be the foundation to build upon. Content is what is going to be the thing that draws people in. Your content needs to:

  • Be insanely practical and educational or highly entertaining.
    • Add as much context as possible to your content. Readers should know what to do the moment they finished reading your blog post.
  • Be easy to read through
    • Short paragraphs will make the text look less intimidating at first sight and simple language will make it accessible to everyone to read.
  • Have a title that grabs your attention and makes you want to click.
    • The title should in most cases be benefit-driven, contain odd numbers, and stimulate a sense of curiosity.
  • Have visual elements that enhance the content.
    • Pictures, infographics, and videos will help with keeping people engaged.
  • Have credibility
    • Add sources with authority to your content. Statistics also do very well when it comes to making high-quality content.
  • Link to your other content
    • Get eyes on all your content by linking to other pieces of content on your website. Incorporate these points into your content and your content will instantly be valuable to a lotof people.

2. Join Facebook Promotion Groups That Use Daily Promotional Threads

What are Facebook Promotion Groups?

These are Facebook groups specifically designed to promote your blog content. They don’t allow spamming but they do have specific threads on which you can promote your content.

Most of them apply the rule that you can post on the thread but you also need to support three other people that also have posted on the thread.

They often have a theme thread for every day. Some examples of formats often used for these groups are:

Monday — Leave your Pinterest profile and follow 3 other Pinterest accounts
Tuesday — Share a Pin and Re-pin 3 other people’s Pinterest pins
Wednesday — Leave a Blog post and share 3 other posts on the thread.
Thursday — Share your FB page and like 3 other FB pages.
Friday — Leave a blog post and comment on 3 other peoples blogs
Saturday — Leave an IG post and Like/ comment on 3 other IG posts.
Sunday — Promote whatever you want

Why are Facebook Promotion groups effective?

They have actual rules that encourage other people to share your content. There’s a 100% guarantee that your content will get exposure. The groups are also highly active which makes it easier to connect with other bloggers.

How to find these Facebook Promotion groups?

The Facebook promotion groups are often closed and an extension of a normal Facebook page. You can find them by typing in” blog” in the Facebook search bar. You’ll get a results page with all kinds of blogging communities not all of them have promotional threads but those that do will mention it in the description.

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