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The A To Z Of HR & Payroll Software


HR has a great role to play in the lives of people who work in any organization. They are there to take care of the employees well being, happiness, satisfaction and also to get the best of talent in the team to work and help the business thrive. They have to balance between keeping up with the employees’ expectations and the employer’s expectations. They juggle between so much that it is hard for them to find time to do any of these with perfection. This is why automation came to the rescue. HR and payroll software deserves a special mention here because it does a lot of redundant tasks for employees by setting them on autopilot and giving them the time to HR to strategize and make plans for making the company an even better place for employees!

In this blog, we tell you all about this helpful HR & payroll software. We have tried to cover everything you would need. Let’s begin.

What is HR software?

HR software stands for Human resources software and this is a software that uses a number of features and modules that HR department requires. The software supports data, HR, and processes. The HR software now comes with a mobile app as well so that everyone using the software can enjoy flexibility as well.

The modules that HR software mostly offers are Time and attendance, payroll, workforce, helpdesk, performance, core hr, engagement, expense, recruitment and more.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is such a strong software in itself that it is also sold standalone. Payroll is what is made to process the salaries of employees. And payroll software helps automate the process of transferring and calculating salary on time for all the employees and gig workers. The software works in sync with the time and attendance module it takes the work hours data from there and the presences and absences as well to calculate the time correctly. This helps HR in paying the right amount timely to the employees which is really important for employee satisfaction.

Benefits of HR & Payroll Software

Both the software whether taken combines or separately help a business in cutting down the time taken to perform manual redundant tasks. But when you keep these two essential software separate, you can find yourself overspending. So, don’t do this mistake. The employee names, job data, codes, addresses, and everything else are taken care of by the software itself. Here are some of the benefits that you will end up experiencing when you start using HR and payroll software-

Payroll benefits-

When an employee receives a promotion, the employee would surely be happier but it would only mean more work for HR. Why? Because most of the time the promotion leads to increase and change in the salary structure of the employee. So, in this, the payroll software comes handy as it comes with an automatic CTC calculator. HR can just put the increased salary amount and the distribution would be shown by the software in a click.

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